Our company also provides other services within the scope of railway construction and rail technology.

Within those can be distinguished:

  • rail traffic analysis,
  • rail traffic flow parameters,
  • rail line and network usage intensity
  • analysis of existing rolling stock facilities, from the point of view of service optimization and maintenance of the current and future rolling stock and more.






Our Services

Programming and spacial analysis studies

A programming and spatial analysis is in other words, a framework investment plan as well as an overall vision of the buildings and structures complying with the program, and often also an approximate estimate of the cost of the investment.

Our Services

Feasibility studies

A study phase carried out in the project design formulation stage, verifying, whether the project has a good basis for its implementation and corresponds to the needs of the intended beneficiaries.

Our Services

The program/spatial concept-preliminary design

The preparation of design studies, which complement the program (or the technology) and its location in the facility or facilities and specify the type of construction and equipment installation, etc.